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Created back in 2012, Tree Barks is my very first visual quilt with a clear theme.  I didn't originally make visual quilts as artwork to share with other people; I was simply trying to open my own eyes to the beauty around me.  Although I tinkered around with my iPod camera in New York City, it wasn't until I moved back to Vermont that I got a professional camera and began to take the concept seriously.  I let my fascination for natural textures drive the process of photographing various tree barks. 


Because this visual quilt was done early on in the visual quilting process, this print is not specific to one location or hiking trail as some of my other visual quilts are. This visual quilt features many tree barks from my hometown of Shelburne, VT, plus some from other Vermont towns, like Northfield and Waterburry.

Over the last few years as I've exhibited my visual quilts in several art shows, this first image of mine remains one of the most well liked. I hope you will enjoy having it in your home as much as I enjoyed making it.


If you have any questions about "" feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you!  Cheers!


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