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Sometimes you just have to drive 45 mins away at 3am to photograph the night sky in all it's glory.  I decided the Champlain Bridge (Addiston, VT and Crown Pt, NY) would make for a fun composition.  I parked in the dark of early morning and walked up the long ramp.  Setting up in the roadway was not much of an issue since very few cars were out that early.  The Milky Way cooperated nicely and provided a magical backdrop to the beautiful architecture of the bridge.

This shot was taken with a special lens and can be printed VERY LARGE, up to 40"x60"!!!

3 Shot HDR (Combined exposures to cover the full range of light).


Unless specified otherwise, all metal prints come with a 3/4" wall float mount. It is an elegant means of displaying metal prints with absolutely no frame needed.


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