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There is nothing like the beauty of the night sky.  A few years ago I learned to photograph the stars and it's been so gratifying and grounding.  

To achieve good astrophotography one needs a clear sky, little to no light pollution, no moonlight, a tripod, a good camera and the ability to compose your shot in the dark of night.

On a clear autumn evening I set out for a little back road on the borders of New Haven and Waltham, VT.  
There is a nice vista of the Adirondacks in NY, Snake Mountain nearby a picturesque barn and farm fields. I watched the sunset and waited for dark.


As the last light of day diminished in the West I composed my shot with the barn, the fields and Snake Mountain visible.  I took a shot few stops underexposed so it was nice and dark.  I would use this as my foreground piece in the subsequent HDR composition.  


When the Milky Way rose to the Southwest over Snake Mountain, I adjusted my setting and took a series of photos at different exposures.


At home I picked the best Milky Way exposure and combined it with the shot of the Barn, Fields and Mtn.



Unless specified otherwise, all metal prints come with a 3/4" wall float mount. It is an elegant means of displaying metal prints with absolutely no frame needed.


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