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On a clear spring night I decided to see if I could photograph the Milky Way.  After determining where and when The Milky Way would rise, I realized I could use a rather lovely tree I had previously spotted in Addison for a foreground.  Addison has rather dark skies after all.  


So I drove on down to Addison and found the tree in the dark of night.  Then I spent about a hour in this field with the lovely tree and the glorious Milky Way rising in the East.  There was hardly any light pollution and hardly a cloud in the sky.  It was ideal for astrophotography.  


The whole shoot was a lot of fun, pretty challenging and I am very happy with the resulting image.  


If you have any questions about "The Milky Way Over Addison, VT" feel free to contact me and I would be happy to assist you!  Cheers!


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