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Sometimes it really pays to get up at 3:30am.(Sometimes).  If you want to see the Milky Way in March from the Northern Hemisphere, ya gotta get up in the middle of the night.  It isn't visible until about an hour before sunrise.  So on a moonless night, with clear skies and low humidity I set out to someplace with hardly any light pollution.

I got this shot of it at the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison, VT.  Though not visible, one could hear thousands of geese and other migratory birds calling in the darkness.  The Milky Way had risen in the east around 4am and when this shot was taken at 5:35am it was up high enough in the sky to arch over the land and reflect in the icy water.


Although it was the first day of Spring, the temp was just 8 degrees Fahrenheit.  


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