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Portland Headlight, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine is one of the most iconic light houses in the coutry, and quite photogenic.

While visiting family in the area, I decided I should try to get a shot of Portland Headlight for my portfolio.  As luck would have it, even though I was looking North East at sunset, the colors in the sky were incredibly vibrant and beautiful.  The wispy clouds caught the pinks, oranges and purples of late sunset and made for a marvelous scene.

I climbed down to the shore to get an unusual angle on the well known lighthouse.  Using a slower shutter speed I was able to capture some of the movement in the waves at they broke on the smooth stones at my feet.

I am very very happy with how this photo turned out.  It makes me feel like I can go to Maine whenever I want. 


Unless specified otherwise, all metal prints come with a 3/4" wall float mount. It is an elegant means of displaying metal prints with absolutely no frame needed.


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