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The Aurora Borealis does not appear in Vermont very often -not compared to more northernly places- and it seemed that for years I always heard about it THE DAY AFTER IT HAPPENED!  Which obviously is too late to take a photo of it.  So for a real long time, my first shot of the Northern Lights was a big goal of mine.

Finally, in late Fall of 2017, as luck would have it I noticed a friend post something about the Aurora online.  A quick google later I discovered it was happening that night!  So I grabbed my gear and drove to the only place in VT where I know it can be seen, a place on Lake Champlain where you can look far to the North.


And I'm glad I hurried to get there because notlong after I arrived and took a few photos, the moon rose above the horizon and it's light obscured the magical aurora colors.


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