Metal prints are an elegant new way to display art. State of the art technology allows the ink to be infused directly into a sheet of aluminum.  The result is durable, waterproof, UV resistant, scratch resistant and frameless.  Metal prints look great at home, in the office and even outside.  All metal prints come ready to display with a wall mount.


For a classic look, paper prints also available on archival quality, fine art paper.

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Print of "Misty Sunset Cruise on Lake Champlain"



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Some photos are especially exciting to capture.  When so much is out of one's control, it's thrilling to see a serendipitous combination of beautiful natural elements combine and create an uncommonly beautiful scene.


Such was the case on a spring photo hunt with my friends in Burlington, VT.  From the second floor of the boathouse we watched the early sunset break thru the clouds and bring the misty lake alive in a blaze of light and color.  The purples and orange tones illustrated a once in a lifetime scene as an old cruise ship steadily cut thru a dense layer of mist on the surface of the broad lake.


Unless specified otherwise, all metal prints come with a 3/4" wall float mount. It is an elegant means of displaying metal prints with absolutely no frame needed.


If you have any questions about "Misty Cruise at Sunset on Lake Champlain" feel free to contact me and I would be happy to assist you!  Cheers!



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