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A beautiful creek flows beneath an old covered bridge near Charlotte Beach, and empties into Lake Champlain, the 6th largest fresh water lake in the US.  The lake is very deep just a few thousand feet from the shallows of the river's mouth.

In order to cover the high dynamic range of light in this scene (it's very contrasty), I bracketed 5 shots, and combined the exposures in post.  That means 5 different shots were taken, one for the highlights, one of the mid highlights, one for the midt ones, one for the mid shadows and one for the shadows.  Then combining the properly exposed parts of each image in photoshop, you end up with an image that captures detail in the highlights all the way to the shadows.  Pretty fun stuff. :)


Unless specified otherwise, all metal prints come with a 3/4" wall float mount. It is an elegant means of displaying metal prints with absolutely no frame needed.


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