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Everywhere you go there are amazing textures, patterns and colors in the things we might overlook or consider "mundane".  The truth is every place is unique and when we look closely we can see that. Although there are trees everywhere, no two are identical.  The tree bark in different places has it's own identity if you will.  I learned this by creating site specific visual quilts of tree bark.


On a warm late summer afternoon I trudged my way up the steep Sterling Pond Trail in Cambridge, VT with my camera and a 50mm lens.  I stopped frequently to get up close and personal with the various trees along the trail.  The way the light pushed through the canopy and danced on the colorful barks was mesmerizing.  The various pine and birch trees provided a diversity of tree bark textures, and the different mosses and lichen that flourish at high elevations added color and variety to my shots.


At the top of the hike, Sterling Pond, a beautiful alpine lake is popular with by locals and travelers. No doubt I attracted some strange looks from those who passed by me.  I was oogling the tree bark after all!


If you have any questions about "Sterling Pond Trail" feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you!  Cheers! 


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