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It was a chilly, windless afternoon in a early winter when I took to the trail at Mt Philo with my camera and my "nifty fifty" lens.  Frost had formed on the sides of the boulders, and a dusting of snow clung to the tops.  I was the only person out there in the silence of the December woods.


Mt Philo is sometimes referred to as the "Addison County Stair Master" since every year many thousands of hikers take to the trails.  Mt Philo State Park is Vermont's first state park and has quite a history.  Whether you're traveling through VT or a local who's simply never been to Mt Philo, I highly recommend hiking, biking, or driving to the top for spectacular views.


Located in Charlotte VT, the mountain was once an Island in a long gone inland sea!  So the rocks you see in this Visual Quilt where underwater 12,000 years ago!


If you have any questions about "Mt Philo Rocks in Winter" feel free to contact me and I would be happy to assist you!  Cheers!



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