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I grew up on a quiet little suburban neighborhood in Shelburne, VT: Longmeadow Dr.  My family still lives in that all american street, and one afternoon while visiting them, I decided to walk around the block.  It was sunny but the chill of winter was felt in the late autumn air.  Most trees had lost to the wind and their leaves lay scattered everywhere. Piles had formed on the side of the road nestled into the curb.  I retrieved my camera and set out to see if I could make a new Visual Quilt of leaves. Most of the leaves had turned to deep red, vivid yellow and brown.  A few leaves were still green but not many.  On some leaves dew from the night before condensed into little droplets.

One of the best things about creating these Visual Quilt collages is how it makes me look closer.  Growing up, I had never realized just how much beauty law scattered across the road I grew up on in the fall.


If you have any questions about "Late Fall on Longmeadow" feel free to contact me and I would be happy to assist you!  Cheers!



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