How to hang metal prints

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What you'll need:

1) Level    2) Hammer   3) 2 Nails   4) Tape Measure 





1) Determine where you want to hang the print.  

  • Metal prints have a shiny surface. To reduce glare on the print avoid hanging it directly across from windows and other large light sources.
  • Have a buddy hold the print up to the wall.  Walk around and see how it looks from places you typically stand or sit.


2) Hammer the first nail into the wall.

  • Artwork typically looks best when it's centered on the wall at eye level (about 60-65 inches high).  Use the tape measure to pinpoint the placement of the nail.
  • Hammer nail at an angle so the print won't slip off.


3) Hammer second nail into the wall.

  • Place the second nail at the same height as the first.


4) Level the nails.

  • Place the level on top of the nail heads.  If one nail is higher than the other just tap the level and the higher nail head will lower. Do this until level.


5) Hang the print.

  • Hang the print on the nails by the 1/2" wall float mount on the back of the metal print.