One of my favorite parts of having a unique fine art concept,  is hearing how it inspires others.   Whether Im fielding new ideas from visitors at craft shows,  or being commissioned by a client for a specific piece,  the process of pushing my creative boundaries is often exhilarating and simultaneously grounding.

Commissioned Visual Quilts

"Grist Mill in Bethel, VT"

This piece is a commissioned Visual Quilt of an old grist mill in Bethel, Vermont.  My client lived in the original mill structure, which had been converted into a wonderful home. Outside, there was a run down barn, the old dam, rusted metal pieces, moss covered rock walls, and of course the ever present water.  My client wanted to focus on the water surfaces as the theme for her Visual Quilt.  It was early Ocotober and the leaves were almost at their peak, providing colorful reflections on the water surfaces, as well as partly sunken leaves from upstream of the dam.  After several hours on her property I returned to my home and within a few weeks I had delivered a custom  Visual Quilt.

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"Haverhill", 2014

Commissioned Visual Quilt of Haverhill, Massachusetts.  Haverhill is an old mill town, so the client wanted to fous on the gritty industrial textures, patterns and colors of the downtown area.  She later ordered a large metal print of her custom Visual Quilt.

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"Horses 1", 2016

My client, who already owned a piece of mine, commissioned me to create a Visual Quilt as a wedding gift for his fiancee.  Since she adores horses the theme for her Visual Quilt was kinda obvious.  To show the beautiful variety in coat colors, patterns and textures, I used photos from horses I have known, and also traveled to various VT barns including Firefly Farm in Roxbury, VT and One Mitten Farm in Shelburne, VT.  Info about the individual horses in this Visual Quilt can be found here

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"Stones and Metal, Bethel, VT" 2014

Rusted Metal, stone walls, crumbling foundations, mossy boulders and more at a old grist mill in Bethel, VT 

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